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Alessandra Di Gennaro

Mosaic master

I chose the mosaic as an instrument of knowledge and expression.


I am fortunate to live in two of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rome is the city where I was born and raised and which gave me the love for marble and classic mosaic.


In Venice where I live and work I discovered glass, its bright colors, smooth and bright surfaces.


Venetian's know how

In my work as a mosaicist I have always given importance to detail, to the care for the smallest tiles.


With the [VE-RO] jewels, which in Venetian dialect means glass, I want to create a small and precious objects to wear.


I am attracted to simple geometric rhythms, such as the cosmatesque floors of the Basilica of San Marco or the Ca'Doro palace.

À propos


Blown by mouth

I experience the combination of different noble materials, the rough opacity of Italian marble with the brilliance of Murano glass.


I like to look for the right detail in the designs of mouth-blown glass beads by expert craftsmen.


Each piece is unique, handmade with a hammer and lime, made with Venetian materials, installed on pure 925 silver bases.

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